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Setting up Brother Printer via Wifi/Network on Ubuntu 18.04

Thu, Dec 26, 2019 1:05 PM

Today I bought a Brother HL-L3290CDW all-in-one colour laser printer and I ran into some issues. So I thought I would share how I solved them.

Initial Setup

First we'll need the appropriate drivers, they can be found here:

For the purpose of the article, we'll assume you've selected Linux as your operating system and the deb option found ont the page.

Once selected, you'll land on a page similar to From here select the "Driver Install Tool", accept all the legal documents you're presented with (no choice can't get the drivers without it). Once you've accepted a file will download and you'll be presented with a list of instructions.

For the most part these are straight forward however I ran into an issue with scanning not working (Simple Scan: Unable to connect to scanner, or similar messages with other applications), so there's a few steps we need to go through before hand.

Fixing Scanning Issues

After visiting multiple forums/websites, I stumbled on this answer and it worked. The answer is for Ubuntu 16.04 but I can confirm it worked with 18.04. Quite simply (may require sudo):

apt-get purge cups
apt-get install cups

After that, the rest is the same as explained in the documentation on the Brother website.

Remainder of Installation

cd ~/Downloads
gunzip linux-brprinter-installer-2.2.1-1.gz
sudo su
bash linux-brprinter-installer-2.2.1-1 HL-L3290CDW

While this last command is running you'll be prompted with a few questions:

Will you specify the Device URI? [Y/n] ->Y

0: beh
1: socket
2: lpd
3: http
4: cups-brf:/
5: ipps
6: ipp
7: https
8: dnssd://Brother%20HL-L3290CDW%20series._ipp._tcp.local/?uuid=some-long-string
9: lpd://BRWDT5HYT454325/BINARY_P1
10: ipp://BRWDT5HYT454325.local:631/ipp/print
11 (I): Specify IP address.
12 (A): Auto. (dnssd://Brother%20HL-L3290CDW%20series._ipp._tcp.local/?uuid=some-long-string)

select the number of destination Device URI. ->8

It is very important (unless you know what you want/expect) to select the option with dnssd (number 8 in my case). Afterwards you'll see something like this:

lpadmin -p HLL3290CDW -v dnssd://Brother%20HL-L3290CDW%20series._ipp._tcp.local/?uuid=some-long-string -E
Test Print? [y/N] ->y

wait 5s.
 enter IP address ->

For the above you can set it to the IP Address of your printer.

Once it finishes up it will have added a printer to your system (in my case it was named HLL3290CDW). Printing and scanning should now both work.