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Patrique Ouimet


Hello world!

My name is Patrique Ouimet :D

I'm a developer who currently works with: PHP (Laravel), JavaScript (AngularJS, VueJS), and CSS (Sass). I have an obssession with learning, whether it’s to sharpen my existing skills or to explore new ones such as: Ruby (Ruby on Rails), Python (Django), AdonisJS, React, etc. I also enjoy running, hiking, biking, weight lifting, soccer, and basketball.

As of late I’ve decided to try myself at blogging to share some tips and tricks I’ve learned during my time as a developer, whether they be technical, interpersonel, or otherwise; my hope is that fellow developers may learn something from my blog.

If you have any suggestions or materials that would assist me in becoming a better developer or to help me write better content, please don’t hesitate to contact me on Twitter @patoui2.